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Прича о Николи Тесли – Ко разуме схватиће

The story of Nikola Tesla
In a Museum in Belgrade, Serbia, there is a gold plated sphere that rests atop a marble pedestal. What’s inside, you may ask? Pure science!

Or, in other words, the ashes Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American scientist who is the most underrated inventor of the 19th and 20th century.

At a time when electricity was still a luxury, Tesla researched it independently, producing over 700 patents, contributing to every aspect of science and technology.

Take his ‘rotating magnetic field’ and ‘alternative current motor’; those allow us to send power across entire nations without building sub-stations every 1.5 kilometres, and with much less danger than old direct current method. Though vocally deplored by the likes of Thomas Edison, electricity arrives in our homes this way, even today!

Another great invention, the ‘Tesla coil’ creates high-voltage electricity at high frequency. With this, you can do cool things like powering light-bulbs without wires. Basically, this idea laid the foundations for all modern, wireless technologies. Today, Tesla coils are still used to ignite the gas lamps that light up the streets.

Among other things, Tesla discovered the ‘resonant frequency’ of the heart, invented many electric gadgets, remote control, fluorescent and neon lights (which he then had bent into letters). He recorded radio waves from outer space, and had a hand in the field of robotics. Once, he built a machine that, when switched on, created an earthquake – nearly demolishing an entire neighbourhood! Well, that one was a bit dangerous…

Tesla was a true genius, spoke 8 languages, memorized entire books, built functional devices straight from his imagination (without writing anything down)! He was 200 centimetres tall, popular with the ladies, but had a life-long dedication to science.

Every day, he worked from 9 to 6, stopping for dinner at exactly 8, and then resumed his work often until middle of the night. Having been celibate for 86 years, broke and alone, Tesla passed on.

Having made so much of our current technology possible, Nikola Tesla and his contributions were largely forgotten. But the legacy of true geniuses, though, never really fades.
Right — they just take some time off inside a gold plated sphere in a Museum in Belgrade, Serbia.

List of inventions:
Spark Plugs
the Electric Arc Lamp
an Xray Device
Blade less turbines
Wireless communication
Electric motors
Laser technology
Neon Lights
Remote Controls
Cellular communication
The radio
An electrical bath to remove germs
Wireless communication
And much more



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